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Tea Straw – Bombilla – Removable Head & Cleaning Brush


These babies are game-changers for loose leaf tea lovers! They are great to use with any tea blend! They fit perfect with our travel tea jar.

  • Simply put loose leaf tea directly into your cup or jar.
  • Fill with either hot or cold water.
  • Once your tea is steeped and ready to drink, pop your straw into your cup and drink through it.
  • Easy as that! No tea leaves will get into the straw, which means you aren’t eating the tea!
  • The bottom unscrews for easy cleaning and even comes with a cleaning brush.

How To Clean

  1. Unscrew spoon head from straw base
  2. Use straw cleaning brush & rinse well with water
  3. Air-dry
  4. Hand-washing is recommended

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